Our Mission:

CCEx protects business operations trough custom information security software solutions while enabling non-profits through derivative freeware.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to enhance humanity through our free softwares and to exert our influence in the software world by developing softwares for the betterment of the future of people in the software scene. We have a vision to build the highest standards of reliability and trust and thereby contribute to global development and at the same time earn global reputation as a forward driven software company by delivering top notch services to our clients.

About the company:

CCEx has been given birth from the need for a "signboard" for presenting the very first project we have started, which is: "leet"; the "Linux Exquisite Encryption Tool". Destined to be a software making data and information encryption accessible to anybody securely and easily. Be they a natural person, a governmental body or a private corporation or business.

The blueprint for this software is already basically done, but like with any project, there comes a need for

resources, so we made a few other projects to fuel the main one.

These projects are of course: "VIVACE" and "Engage" chronologically mentioned. VIVACE stands for "Virtual Intelligence Assisted Computer Experience", an artificial intelligence powered computer personal assistant program, like Cortana for the Windows OS and Siri for the iOS, but much more elaborate.

Then there is the Engage game software (space shooter), of which you can download the early versions right now in its dedicated page, for free.

Now you may ask where does the name "Club du Cadavre Exquis" come from? There is an old game which was used to be played by the founders of the surrealism movement in the early 1920s, which was named "Le Cadavre Exquis": the Exquisite Corpse (for a literal English translation), which consisted of a technique similar to that of an old parlour game called consequences in which players write in turn on a sheet of paper, fold it to conceal part of the writing, and then pass it to the next player for a further contribution. -- Wikipedia

This technique is at the base of the algorithm used in the encryption of information in leet, hence the name of our company.

For a peek on the ongoing projects, make sure to visit the Projects page.


About the CEO:

Ali Janah is a graphic designer by formation from Casablanca, Morocco, he worked for various big and smaller companies like "Sinfa" the Moroccan automobile filters' manufacturer which was later on acquired by an US multinational, "Aventis" the pharmaceutical giant, or again "Unibrossa" the producer of house as well as industrial brushes. He worked for two communication agencies, "Lesart Communication" and "Expression Communication", he also studied Journalism (Print Media) and Hostelry & Restaurant and worked at the "A La Bazenne" restaurant as a service clerk.

He also currently volunteers as a graphic designer as well as a photographer for the "Orange Bleue" French environmental and agroecological NGO.

About the Employees:


Vladimir Miloserdov is a Software Engineer from Barnaul, Russia, who did lots of small projects on Python, C++ and has other diverse experience, like participating in CTF (security contest). He is currently an intern at Synopsys Inc, and has studied software engineering at the Saint Petersburg State University, and volunteered at the same city's International Cultural Forum.